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The company

WTO is a medium size and family owned enterprise, leaded in second generation and with the headquarter located in Ohlsbach, Germany.
We are specialized in the design and manufacturing of high precision static and driven tool-holders.
According to our slogan “Quality without making compromises” our strategy is to constantly build on excellence in technology and quality to serve our market and our customers.

All our products are made “Made in Germany”.


WTO (www.wto.de) manufactures and develops high performance driven tool holders also called live tooling for CNC lathes with milling function.

Live tooling in mill turn centers is mounted on the lathe turret and allows secondary machining operations in the lathe.
Turning of parts is done with fixed tool holders or static tool holders while the part itself is rotating resulting in concentric parts.
To machine any other shapes live tooling is required. The target is to finish a part in the lathe without having to move it to a milling machine for finishing. This saves time and money and increases the precision, as the sequence of machining operations is done in one setup.

revolver Machine brands which use WTO tooling
AVIA, Benzinger, Biglia, Brinkmann, Chiah Chyun, Chiron, Cincinnati, CMZ, Colchester, Doosan, Ecoca, EMAG, EMCO, Eurotech, FAMAR, FAT, FOCUS CNC, Force  One,  Gildemeister, DMG Mori Seiki, Goodway, Grob, Haas, Hanwha, Hardinge, HURCO, Hwacheon, Hyundai WIA, Index, J.G. Weiser, Johnford, Jyoti, Kovosvit MAS, LEADWELL, LMW, MAG  Boehringer, MAG +FMS+, MAG Hessap, Manurhin, Mazak, Miyano, Monforts, Mori Seiki, MTRent, Muratec, Nakamura Tome, Nexturn, Niles-Simmons, Okuma, Pittler,  ROMI, Saeilo Contur, Samsung, Schaublin, Scherer, Schuster, SOMAB, Spinner, STAR, TAI-TECH, TJMAC-ZPS, Takisawa, Takisawa Taiwan, Tongtai, Tooper, Tornos,  Traub, Victor, YCM

WTO_Applikation_0052 Selection of common machining operations which are achieved with WTO driven tool holders
Milling of flats and polygons
Milling of notches, pockets and key ways
Drilling at various angles
Thread milling and threading
Thread whirling
Broaching splines and keyways inside an outside.
Hobbing splines, spur gears, bevel gears, chain sprockets,

 WTO_4110Basic executions
Live tooling is available for machining on the outside (OD machining) and on the face or inside (face or ID machining) of the part.
Depending on the machine turret design (star configuration or disc configuration).
Customers choose driven tool holders in a straight form as axial tool holders or with an angle as angle drill/mill unit. Most common angle units have a 90 angle.
But there are also holders with adjustable angle (0…95 degrees) or with a fixed angle position, specified by the customer.

 multiple_holdersMultiple tool holders
 to increase the number of tools which can be hold in one turret station WTO offers multiple holders.
With multiple holders more machining operations can be made in one setup because more different cutting tools are available.
The availability of multiple holders depends on the lathe model. You will find them in the machine specific catalogue which is available on request- see questions below.

quickflex2_ologo Tool quick change
Modern WTO live tooling has a standard tool quick change interface called QuickFlex TM . This makes it easy , fast and safe to replace cutting tools while the live tool holder is installed in the machine. By means of a one hand wrench set the operator has both hands free to change tools in the ER collet or optional tool holder adapters. QuickFlexTM increases the profitability and flexibility of the machine investment by saving down time during tool change.
QuickFlexTM microsite: www.wto-quickflex.com


1) Where are WTO tools made?
The WTO facility is located in the south western part of Germany, in the triangle of Switzerland, France and Germany. All WTO products are developed, designed and manufactured at this place. map

2) What is my advantage to buy a WTO product?
WTO tool holders are designed for smooth and silent run. They provide superior accuracy and surface finish in addition to increased lifetime. Only highest quality and oversized bearings are used. Larger bearings mean bigger and more rigid tool spindle design. Labyrinth seals prevent coolant from entering the bearings so coolant cannot wash out the lubricant. Special sealing packages provide maximum coolant pressure through the spindle at high speed rates.
WTO tool holders are made for the user who can calculate, because higher quality leads to higher profitability. Higher profitability is money in your pocket.

3) How do I find the right tool holder for my needs?
Step 1-  email us the model name of the lathe which will use the driven tools info@mittmann.com
Step 2 – we email you a machine specific catalogue (pdf file) including all available options of tool holders which are designed and optimized specifically for this lathe model – they will all fit your machine!
Step 3 – choose the desired tool holders from the catalogue and email it back or email/call us if you have questions
Step 4 – according to your selection we provide a quotation with price and lead time

4) How do I get a WTO tool serviced?
WTO operates a factory service center for North America in Charlotte, NC USA.
Experienced technicians with state of the art measuring equipment bring your tools back in “like new condition”, with factory warranty. For preventive maintenance, repair or rebuilding complete holders, the service center is your direct partner service@wto-usa.com.

WTO Service Center
13900 S Lakes Dr Ste F
Charlotte NC 28273-7119
Office (704) 714-7765
Fax     (704) 714-7767